who i am

I am Terra.  I grew up a pastor’s daughter.  We moved around a lot.  I swore the one thing I would NEVER be is a pastor’s wife.  God has different plans for my life.  I ended up marrying Ben, who was called to the ministry. He is the best man that I could ever have.

  By the grace of God, I have had a change of heart.  I am now actually looking forward to being a pastor’s wife!  We have 4 wonderful children.




and Tyker Skip – 1  (Buddy has “officially” changed Tyker’s nickname to Skip or any variance thereof….ie: Skipper, Skipsy, Skippety-doo-dah, etc.)

We have been blessed with the opportunity for me to stay home and mother our children and keep our home. I am proud to be a stay at home mom and homemaker.  My guy GRADUATED from seminary this past summer!!! And is currently serving as the administrator of a private Christian PreK-12 school.  I love the different seasons of life that God has given me the chance to experience.


3 thoughts on “who i am

  1. Good thing I know the REAL names of your kids, I would be confused!!! LOL You said you ‘swore’ you wouldn’t be a pastor’s wife…well, that’s was you get for swearing!!! LOL Love you guys!!

  2. Hi Terra I love you story and pictures on here. Love the nick names of the kids. Love your site. can tell everything is good and great… I am so happy for you all. Love you.

  3. Like your entry today… Currently considering that question myself “What do I want to be?” Appreciate your insight and the inspiration to fully surrender. Love you.


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