Ps. 37:8b

Open Bible

“do not fret—it only leads to evil.”

David warns against even fretting (or worrying) about the evil ways of others, not because it is evil in and of itself, but because it only leads to evil. No good can come out of it. When someone does something against me, I have a tendency to really fret over it.

“why did they do that?
Did I do something to them first that they took as offensive?
It really bothers me that……
If they were here right now, I’d tell them a thing or two.
Man, that really eats at me.
How can I punish them?”

All of that: questions to assumptions to dwelling to unloading to planning revenge (and eventually carrying some of it out) can rush over me more quickly than it took to write it all down—or type it out. That which simply started as “fretting” led to evil. If fretting only leads to evil, then it NEVER, ever, ever, ever leads to good. No matter how many times I try to convince myself—If I just think about this a little bit, I can come up with a way to “fix” it. It’s not. gonna. happen. It will only lead to EVIL.


One thought on “Ps. 37:8b

  1. that’s right beacuase even THINKING harm or revenge or anything not nice is sin, hence evil. I don’t think anyone can control all of their thoughts, just acting upon them is hard enough to try to refrain from.


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