As promised last week, here are some pictures.  If you hadn’t figured it out from the clues last Friday, or the title today…We went to Colorado.

It was our first time without the kids in 5 years.  We dropped off the kiddos two by two with their aunts and headed out.  Just the two of us.  It was weird, especially at first.  It felt awkward to be in a quiet minivan.  But we got used to it. 🙂 

A friend of ours was getting married in Denver.  I have an uncle and aunt that live between Colorado Springs and Denver they offered to put us up while we did some sightseeing and then went to the wedding.  Here are a few of the highlights.

1) strangest object found on side of road:  gavel  [no, not gravel]
2) coolest word found on sign:  “mudjacking”  [definition: a technique of pressure injecting grout for the purpose of raising or stabilizing concrete slabs]
3) Random items to break up Nebraska:  Fake giraffe head poking out of a barn.  Life size replica of T-Rex charging the interstate.
4) We played the License Plate Game.  And found representation from 46 states!!! And 5 provinces!  [I thought that was a lot.]

anyway…here’s what you’ve really been waiting for:

We found a pony express station.  Cool factor:  Buddy and I are studying the Pony Express this year in 1st grade.  So… we stopped, took photos, talked to the local historian, bought a neat Pony Express coloring book, and had fun just looking around learning.


The best part of Nebraska was when the sun set.  SO pretty.

This outcropping of rocks on Pike’s Peak was pretty big.  He’s the king of the world. 


We actually did a TON more, but I’ll just have to save that for another post.  Happy Friday!