EGGstraordinary EGGstravaganza

Oh yeah, that’s right….it is Friday.

Well, let me begin by explaining.  The Amish sell pullet eggs for .40/doz.  (Yeah, that’s 40 cents!)  My neighbor asked me if I wanted some eggs. I said, “Sure!”  Little did I know that meant 15 dozen.

Terra, what do you do with 15 dozen eggs!!??  Well, my friend, I’m glad you asked.

I started frying them.  And since I have only ONE frying pan, it was beginning to take quite a while.

Then, I came up with an AMAZING idea!  My mom used to let us cook eggs in the microwave.  (I don’t own a microwave, but I have an oven….)  Instead of sticking them on a cookies sheet–which I thought might possibly turn out a teeny tinny bit messy–I opted for my muffin pans.  One egg per hole.

I baked them at 350 for 15 minutes.  BUT they weren’t quite done all the way.  Ok, so they would’ve been done enough for my dad, or anyone else who likes their eggs “over easy.”   I wanted to freeze these, and I wasn’t sure how well that would work out.  SOOOO, I poked a hole in the yolk.  (You can see the fork holes in some of them.)

This is after they were cooked.  I cooled them on a rack and then froze them between sheets of wax paper.  BONUS:  They fit perfectly on an english muffin.  Since Ben has an “Egg McMuffin” knock-off every morning for breakfast, I pretty much scored!

Now, I have a freezer full of eggs.  The only thing I’m not actually cool with is that I think they would freeze better if they were scrambled.  I did this project a while back, and you can tell the eggs don’t taste quite as fresh anymore.  I know that Bob Evans sells a frozen breakfast sandwich with egg.  It keeps well.  The eggs are scrambled.  All in all, it was a good idea.  With the tweak of scrambling, I think it would be PERFECT!



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