An explanation, an apology, but no excuses

Good day all! I have been out of the blog world for quite a spell. Many of you still kept visiting OneAcreFarm even though there have been no posts for a while. This spring, Ben’s teaching contract came to an end. That meant it was decision time for us. What are we going to do now? Because Ben was finishing his degree (he’s done Finally!!!!), he put his resume out to a couple of different places. It looked like we were going to be moving…..AGAIN. To say that I got a little bummed would be an understatement.  I was downright grouchy about the whole thing.  I just wanted to be normal for a change!!!  I was mad at Ben. I was mad at my kids.  I was mad at his perspective places of employment.  I was even mad at God.  It was not a good time in our home.

I decided to not post OneAcreFarm.  Mostly because I was being just plain cantankerous.  …and I didn’t know whether we would be on one acre, or two acres, or in a tiny apartment with no land….  Pretty much bad attitude reigned.  So, I stopped posting.  It was my revenge on everything that was “ruining” my idea of what life should be.

Throughout the months of waiting, I learned a lot.  Like how when we ask God to teach us patience, He does…..through experience.  (insert Argh!)  I also had to learn a really BIG lesson about letting God take control.  [I’m kind of a control freak.  Not in your typical sorts of ways.  I don’t have to be in charge.  I just have to be “in the know,”  and I was far from “in the know.”  In fact, I was out of the loop.  All decisions were in the hands of others.]   Now, I hope that I’ve actually learned these lessons.  I hope that I don’t have to re-learn them anytime soon.  It was really, REALLY hard.

To my patient husband: “I’m sorry for being ornery during that time.  I know it made life especially hard on you with finishing up your school and all.  I will try to be more considerate of you in the future, and less wrapped up in my wants.”

 To my kids:  “You better not be on the computer!”  (I apologized in person. Besides, they can’t read.)  :0)

To my readers:  “Thank you for continuing to check if I had posted anything new.  I am sorry for leaving you out of the loop.  I will try to keep you posted if I am going to take a break anytime in the future.”

I suppose some of you may be wondering what happened in the job situation with Ben.  Well, we aren’t moving across the country!  We did not get the church he had begun candidating at.  Instead, he was offered a position as the administrator of the school that he taught at part-time last year.  He started in July!  He has been SUPER-DUPER BUSY trying to get things ready for the next school year to begin.  He is so excited about his job for the first time in a loooong time.  In fact, I can’t recall if I’ve ever seen this kind of excitement about a job.  He still wants to pastor, but for now he is using his management major.  ;0)   I think he’s a perfect fit for the job too!  (although I might be a teeny tiny bit biased.)


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