Meanwhile, back at the RANCH…

As many of you know, the internet can be an endless black hole.  The other day, I got on facebook to scan the feed and see if any of my friends had anything exciting happen, then I saw a blog I like was linked up to a free giveaway.  I clicked like.  It redirected me to another blog to like.  Then another.  and another. and another….  Before I knew it, I’d clicked onto a blog that had NOTHING to do with the original giveaway, but she was giving out a coupon code for a skirt, and I LOVED her shoes, so I found myself scrolling through her blog and came across a recipe for ranch dressing.  I printed it.  I checked the time.  OH, MY!  how did that happen?   Nap time was screeching to a halt and all I’d accomplished was signing up for free diapers, more free diapers, coupon codes, and printing this recipe.  OOF! 

Well……It totally paid off!!  I made the ranch.  It was loved by all.  In fact, Ben has begun to request salad, just so he can use the ranch dressing. (!!!)  He announced that I’m not to ever buy ranch again.  Because this stuff is soooooo stinkin’ amazing.  I thought it might  be a passing phase, but it has been almost 2 weeks now and he was ready to make a special trip into town just for the buttermilk that I would need to make another batch.  Oh yeah, and some lettuce too. Link to Ranch recipe

When I made it, I decided to store it in an old ketchup bottle, so the photo would look just plain tacky.  (white Heinz with cracked pepper…eh.)  But Michelle’s picture looks way AMAZING!!!!  And if you want the recipe for this awesome stuff, just click the picture. 

Seriously, I thought of doing a sequential scavenger hunt for you to find the recipe (you know, with clues that lead to the next clue and you finally end up at the destination) just because that’s how I got to it, but I thought that might be a bit tedious for some.  So all you have to do is click the photo.

And again a HUGE Thank You to Michelle!!!



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