First Haircut

So, for this week’s PhotoOp, I decided to let you all in on one of our “first haircuts.  Here’s the leftovers.

That’s a lot of hair to lose, right? 

See this face?  Yeah, I don’t think he had that much hair to lose, but I couldn’t resist posting that sad little face….  Usually he’s quite happy, but I think he was wanting to play and the photographer (a.k.a. Auntie) was taking pictures instead of playing.  It’s ok.  She picked him up and he smiled IMMEDIATELY.Of course, Belle was blamed initially.  Then Puddi told me that she cut her hair because she wanted to be “like a boy” because “they can fight each other.”  OOF!  That girl.  She cut up toward the back on BOTH sides of her hair.  I  cut off part of the back so it wouldn’t be so ‘mullet-like.’  Then I attempted to make it into layers.  We’ll just have to wait and see on this one.

After seeing herself in the mirror, she became very sobered.  It hit her: “Boys aren’t PRETTY!!!!”    I assured her that she was still a girl and therefore could still be pretty.  I think she learned a lesson.  Let’s just hope it sticks.



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