Family Photo

Since I have a new camera and because we haven’t taken a family picture since Belle was about 4 or 5 months old (meaning Tyker isn’t in it and he’s 8 months old!!!) we decided to take a nice family photo.  I borrowed a tripod and set the whole thing up with the timer and this cool function that will snap 10 consecutive pictures so you can choose the best.  That’s what we did.  Only…..the kids didn’t exactly cooperate.  After 5 times of photo fun, we gave up and had to choose the best out of 50.  You’d think that with 50 shots there would be at least one with everyone smiling, no hitting, no crying, no goofy faces, etc.  But alas, this is it: 

 And as a bonus, Belle decided to paint her toenails with permanent blue marker (and the carpet too!).

Pretty much missed her nails, but it was a good effort.  yah?


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