the clock strikes once more

Yesterday was my birthday.  Today is PhotoOp Friday, so I figured I would photoOp my birthday.  Here it is.Homemade crusty bread….still warm.Olive Garden’s “Zuppa Toscana” soup…..homemade, AND right on!

We had ice cream for dessert (Ben & Jerry’s as a special treat!)  The kids really liked it!!  Except for Tyker, he didn’t have any.  He had the bread and LOVED it. 

The moonrise was especially pretty.  Happy Birthday to me!And my birthday present from last year, Christmas, and this year was a new camera!!  Check out the close up of the moon!  YAY! 

And this one I took a couple of days ago.  It was going to be PhotoOp Friday anyway, but I added the rest.  So now, it is a bonus!  So pretty.

Have a blessed day!


2 thoughts on “the clock strikes once more

  1. Hope you had a great day! And that is my fave soup from Olive Garden. I always get all you can eat soup and breadsticks so I can have 2 bowls 🙂


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