Well, I messed up again.  I noticed that I hadn’t had many views on OAF this past week with a new post and all.  Then I realized my new post was scheduled to post in Jan of 2013.  Whoops!  So, here it is.  A little late, but not as late as it could’ve been.

I learned a lesson this week.   I had a full skein of yarn.  For those to whom that phrase may be foreign…this is a skein of yarn.

Essentially, it is a LOT of string.

Our home is old.  It is also in a circle.  Puddi found this 1 lb. skein of yarn and, while she was to be tidying the living room and I was working on getting some coloring sheets for the kids off the internet upstairs, she proceeded to run the yarn around the entire “circle” about 3 or 4 times.  She was also sure to wrap it around EVERY table leg, chair leg, and doorknob in the house.  When I came down with the coloring pages, I was greeted with what looked like a GIANT spider had spun its web ALL through my ENTIRE house (living room, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, bathroom, kid’s room).  It was a-w-e-f-u-l!  So, I did what any sane mom would’ve done.  I told her to pick it all up and bring it to me.  So, along she went collecting a bigger and bigger mess of tangled yarn.  When at last she arrived with it, it was ONE. BIG. TANGLE.  

I then told her we were going to untie it together.  So we began on our LONG  journey of un-knotting the yarn.  It took forrrevvvverrrr.

I started pulling out long untangled strands just to find that the knots in the ball would seem to get smaller, but tighter.  During this process, I saw a lesson.  When we come to the Father, our lives are a tangled mess.  He begins the process of pulling the threads apart and loosening the strands.  We begin to look more and more like yarn and less like tangles.  However, our knots seem to become more concentrated, and sometimes FEEL a lot tighter (read: conviction).  It takes a lifetime to completely unravel the mess that sin has made of our lives.  But, God is patient.  He keeps working on us.  Because He LOVES us.

Well, as it turns out, I asked Puddi to keep working on the yarn while I ran to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer.  When I came back, she had found a GOOD, SHARP pair of scissors and proceeded to chop every last bit of that yarn into bits no bigger than an inch.  I guess that just goes to show how we are not as patient as our Father who loves us.  All of that yarn ended up in the burn box.  BUT, the lesson I learned will hopefully last longer than the yarn.


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