I’m sorting through ideas of what to post for PhotoOp Friday.  [It’s actually Thursday.  I usually do my posts ahead of time and then schedule them to show up on Friday morning because I’ve been really bad about forgetting in the past.]  It started snowing last night and has continued to snow throughout most of the morning.  Now I’m in a pickle, because I had a photo picked….but the snow, it gets me every time.  I LOVE it.  So, I have decided on a little white treat for you this week.

Ok, so why did I misspell ‘white’?  Actually, I didn’t.  You see, Bic makes corrective fluid called Wite-Out ®. It’s great for doing its intended purpose, but when used by a 3-year-old…that could spell disaster.  Let me elaborate….

One of my sweet, darling children (which shall remain nameless to protect his or her identity) thought that it would be great fun to sneak upstairs to Daddy’s office while he was in the shower and while Mommy was packing Daddy’s lunch for work.  Here’s where the problem begins.  Upstairs is not really kid-friendly.  I mean, there are some dangerous objects (like outlets and scissors)  so the kids are NOT allowed up there by themselves.  Two of the kids went up together.  alone.  When I found them Puddi looked like this.  They had painted “make-up” on her eye…and on Ben’s wallet…and on the chair…and on the desk…and on some papers…and on the rug…and…I think you get the idea.  So, I googled “how to remove witeout ” and “from toddler” actually came up.  Ha ha. but not really ha ha.  At least I knew I wasn’t alone in this mess.  Baby oil.  cotton balls.  that’s it.  As for the other objects…they are still sporting the wite-out.

P.S. the next day, Puddi tried to paint her nails and her hat and her hair and her tummy with BLUE nail polish.  Oy vey!  I think she’s a little too artsy for her own good.



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