promised pictures

How’s this for a PhotoOp Friday.  ON TIME. Four pictures, because I owe it to you for bearing with me through the last few weeks of PhotoOp Faildays.

Christmas tree decor.  Since 2 of our kids are still very much into putting things in their mouths still, I decided to go for all edible decor this year.  Popcorn and cranberries!  [note: no picture of fully decorated tree because by the time I got the whole tree decorated and went to grab the camera, Belle ate all the berries and was busily munching most of the popcorn off.  Hey, that was the whole purpose, right?] mocha truffles I thought I might try eggnog truffles this year.  They were BETTER than they sound….and they sound pretty good!

The truffles were gifts for Ben’s fellow teachers.  Surprise!  I made a little gift bag for him too.  He took all of them in a big bag and handed them out to find one with his name on it.  I love to surprise him.  I think it makes my day more than his, and his was pretty made!

(please excuse the messy kitchen…..baking: it’s not pretty, but someone’s gotta do it.)


One thought on “promised pictures

  1. You are so fun to read!! 🙂 I wish we lived closer to esch other. I would love to spend time with you. 🙂 my cuz is a lucky guy (probably even luckier than mine)


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