Gross, but I had to.

For those of you who are weak of stomach.  This post is not for you.  I will spare you, if you think this may make you queasy.  Do not scroll down.  The following photos are pretty icky.  However, if you feel you are up for it, read away!

But, I have to share this because I am impressed.  Many of you know that I am an independent sales consultant for Norwex.  But, even then I know it isn’t magic.  There are limits to some of the things it can and cannot do.  However, I did not realize it was this good. 

See this little guy?  Well, little guys can make BIG messes.  And belive me, he did!

So, Tyker had what we like to call a MAJOR blowout….on the carpet.  YIKES!!!  (Yeah, I know, gross.  But I figured I had to take a pic to prove how gross it really was.

Then I pulled out my Norwex cloth.  I wiped up the “solids.”  This is what it looked like:Then I used just water and scrubbed a bit.  MUCH Better.  But not perfect.I sell a non-chemical carpet stain remover.  So I used a little of that….and this is what was left after a total of 9 minutes and 22 seconds.  (I used the timestamp from the camera to know the precise amount of time.) That time includes taking pictures and running upstairs to get my carpet stain remover, rinsing out my rag.  I AM impressed.  I really didn’t know if it would do that well, but it didn’t even smell afterwards.  Trust me, I braved it an did the “sniff” test.


One thought on “Gross, but I had to.

  1. Oh my gooooodnessss….. I do have a weak stomach I guess… lol But I just had to keep reading lol to see what was going to happen next. lol Poor baby Now I know why God has younger parents instead of older grandma ones…. I would have called the carpet shampooer guy and let him fix it. Oh I don’t know how you did it girl, but I have to admit the product you are selling should sell its self. Use this as a sales promotion. lol If it gets this out it will get ANYTHING out. lol. So did you get sick at all???? I would of I know for sure. Good luck in your sells department. I hope you do good. I love you bye. Aunt Wanda


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