another NOphotoOp Friday

Well, the camera batteries are still dead.  And I still haven’t purchased more.  BUT, you know what?  It’s OK.  “No pictures” really isn’t the worst thing in the world.  Frankly, I’ve not seen too much outdoors to take photos of lately anyhow.  My FAVORITE season of the year is fall!  I love it!  A very close second is winter.  However, the short span of time between when everything falls off the trees and the first good snow, that one comes in favorites list somewhere after summer and just slightly before the rainy season of mud spring.

Anyway, it’s the first Friday in December.  Everything is brown.  Everything outside is a bit chilly.  My oven is broken. BUT, I’m enjoying my warm home.  And pink-faced children when they come in from an outdoor romp.  And serving LOTS of hot chocolate.  And candy making.  And getting ready for Christmas.  And just being thankful to God for all that He has given me to be thankful for (and for those things I don’t really want to be thankful for).  Some days I feel that I’ve a right to complain about all the drear around me, but honestly, if life didn’t have broken ovens and seasons of brown, would the toaster oven be appreciated?  Would the brilliant colors of flowers and leaves and birds and bugs?  Or, would they all be so commonplace that we would simply take them for granted?  For me, I believe the latter is most likely the true statement.  So, I thank God for brown and for broken ovens and for blahness and for the opportunity to really be able to appreciate the little things in life.

By the way, I think I have some really fun posts brewing as we get closer to Christmas!  I had better put those crazy batteries on the grocery list, eh?


One thought on “another NOphotoOp Friday

  1. Hi Terra
    You know you remind me of me…. When Ed and I first married and then the years after the kids came along. We bought a house in Virden and it was a fixer upper. And alot was needing to be fixed lol. But those times were hard times but they were also times that brought me and Ed closer together than when we had boughten our new trailer when we first got married. Everything was perfect in the trailer. But then we sold it and bought the house due to tornados. lol It was far from being perfect. lol Always something breaking or going out. One time we had an ice storm and our neighbors tree broke and fell on our roof and came crashing down in Chucks bedroom. He was in kindergarden. Scared him and us too death. But them were the times that we came closer to each other than when we lived in the no problem trailor. So take advantage of the things that break and go wrong cause them will be your BEST memories to come. And you will look back on them and laugh and say how much fun it was. I love you sweetie and I am so happy for you to have the positive outlook on life. Make your memories it is all you will have when you get older. So make alot of them. lol Love you give the kids a kiss and hug from me. xoxoxo Love Aunt Wanda


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