Photo Friday Delayed until further notice.

An apology to those who were looking for a photo on Friday.  Two girls (who shall remain un-named) kidnapped my camera, covered it in peanut butter (or some other unknown sticky substance), left it on, and drained the batteries.  I’m tired of having to keep purchasing batteries EVERY time this happens.  Although the PB doesn’t typically occur.  However, I’m thinking about purchasing some rechargeable batteries online (I already have a charger) for use in my Ben’s camera.  So, until then, there will be no photos on one acre farm.  I’m also looking into maybe getting a camera with a battery pack at some point in the future.  But for now the ol’ Kodak is gonna hafta do.  And no pictures.  😥  sorry!


One thought on “Photo Friday Delayed until further notice.

  1. thanks for the update. Hope your camers situation works out 🙂 feel free to write any time. I don’t think you have to wait for a pic 🙂


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