Usually, when I do calzones, they are pretty “status quo,” as far as calzones go anyway.  Bread dough wrapped around cheese and sausage dipped in spaghetti sauce.  I decided to go a little more “exotic” this time.  Eggplant: check.  Shallots: check.  sun-dried tomatoes: check.  Garlic: check.  Fresh thyme: check (editor’s note: we could all use a little extra thyme). Fresh bread dough: check. Mozzarella: check.  Parmesan: check.  Mix first 5 ingredients over med-high heat.  Roll out bread dough into 7″ rounds.  Dump mixture onto dough. Add mozzarella.  Seal dough like a pocket.  Poke holes in top.  Brush with oil (or spray on cooking spray).  Bake @425 for 15 min., or until golden brown.  Sprinkle with parm.  Eat quickly, before they’re all gone!!  YUMM-O! 



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