The APPLE PIE post (take: 2)

For those of you who checked out my blog on Fri and opened up “As American as baseball and…..,”  I’m sorry.  I had this great post all ready to go and somehow totally forgot to save it.  Whoops.  I had scheduled it to post because I was actually out-of-town on Friday.  I realized the problem while I was in the car pulling out of the driveway (I had the laptop for movies for the ride and it was still able to pick up the wi-fi), but it was too late to fix it.  SO, here is the real post.

This post started a couple of weeks back.  My bestie–who is also a home school mama–called and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the apple orchard with her and her kids for a field trip.  Well, YEAH!!!  (Field trips are the best part of homeschooling.)  So, we set a date and made our plans.  Her four kids + my 3 oldest (Tyker stayed home with Daddy because Daddy had the day off and TONS of homework) =7 children.  Her husband also had the day off so he came along too!  We went to the apple orchard and everyone got free samples of fresh pressed apple cider.  We also picked up some of Sunrise Orchard’s legendary apple cider donuts and a couple of HUGE bags of apples.  Then, we stopped at a corn maze (maize maze–had to throw that one out there) and Puddi got “lost.”  She didn’t really get lost, but she thought she did.  The 2nd oldest daughter (8) of my friend found her and was deemed a HERO!!  All in all it was a BLAST!!!!

So…..then I arrived home with an extraordinary amount of apples and NO clue what to do with them.  Hmmmm… pie sounds great!  So I pulled out my favorite pie crust recipe.  I have NEVER tasted a better pie crust (and I made it, which is ironic to say the least).  This recipe breaks all the rules of pie crust-ity, but turns out phenomenal every time.  I have also heard wonderful things about “Grandma Ople’s apple pie” from, so that’s what I used as the filling (5 stars with 5,487 reviews can’t be too bad, right??).

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s my 8,000 words for you today:A huge amount of apples.Notice the extra apples still left in the bowl?  Even with the 4″ high apple pie…A lattice crust…just for funCheck out that apple pie ooey gooey-ness!yummyThis is my piece.Here is the crust recipe just in case you wanted it:


One thought on “The APPLE PIE post (take: 2)

  1. Thanks, those are some yummy photos! I’ll have to try the crust sometime, as I usually use Grandma Marx’s, but never heard of butter in it 🙂


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