Cave in.

There’s a stray cat that has been hanging out around our house lately.  She’s really great with the kids.   They love her and she loves them.  Ben is apparently not allergic to this one.  (can I get an “awww…”?)
She seems to really like our porch.  Mostly because I decided to give her a can of tuna and then…….

So, he finally caved and pulled these bad boys out of the garage!!

Here are the official rules:

1. no cat in the house

2. don’t get attached to it

3. we won’t plan our life around it

4. if it runs off and we don’t see it again, it’s OK because it was never our cat to begin with


One thought on “Cave in.

  1. Well, since I am allergic to cats, I would say these are pretty great rules to have from the start so the kids have an understanding later if anything bad does happen. Way to go!! 🙂


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