Oh, YES, I did!!

In response to the exclamation, “Oh, NO, you didn’t?!,”  I have to say, “Actually, I did.”  For the last couple of days, I have been feeling really domestic.  I mean, “scrap the dishwasher” domestic.  (No, I didn’t throw out my dishwasher, but I did do TONS of dishes by hand….just for fun!)  Wow, was that ever scary!  Anyhow, it continues.  I am in LOVE with domesticity this week.  I made homemade granola.  What else can you do with homemade granola, butoh yeah, S’MORES GRANOLA BARS!!! (recipe to come) ~yum.~

And then…I decided to whip up some failproof bread.  I mean, this stuff is amazing.  I CAN’T kill it.  Trust me, I tried.  (you can find that story here) It turned out wonderful.  So, I made some more, and then some more so that I could remember to take a picture.

Fresh out of the oven.

After dinner tonight, I went out to the garden to see what I could find.  Tomatoes, more tomatoes, a jalapeño, a green bell pepper, some onion, some garlic, a tick of cumin…are you following where I’m headed?  You’re right!

Homemade SALSA!!!

I also dehydrated tons of apple slices and bananas for Ben’s lunches.  The kids love those.  “Whew!” I think I’m tired.


2 thoughts on “Oh, YES, I did!!

  1. Wow… you have me beat! Nicely done lady! I’m a little jealous actually… my garden did not do so well this year. SO RAINY. I have lost count of the rain. I have 800 green tomatoes still… I don’t think they will ever ripen! recipe for granola, and bread please!? I kill bread too… like whoa.

  2. Recipes will be coming in future posts. For your tomatoes: Just before the first frost (if they’re still green), pick them and put them in a DARK room to ripen. (like a basement, or closet…Darkness is key.)


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