at least it wasn’t a snake.

This morning, I had to make a mad dash to the bank while Ben was in the shower getting ready for work since we still only have the one vehicle.  After a quick trip into town and back I pulled in the driveway to be greeted cheerfully.  Puddi was out in the chilly morning air in a tank top and shorts.  (oof!  that girl.)  I got her corralled into the house and asked Ben (who was still in the bathroom getting ready)  if he told her she could go out.  “Nope.”  Oh well, she’s in now.  Sooo….about an hour later, I notice this:My Puddi has a LARGE bulge on her right leg.  Is it a bruise?  Nope.  Is it a lump? Not quite.  Is it a pocket full of something?  Sure enough.  So, I take a peek inside.

What is that?  Well, it’s quite lumpy and a little damp.  Hmmmm……

Oh, yes, ALL of these were in that one tiny little pocket of hers.

I’m thankful for these things:

  1. At least it wasn’t a snake, or turtle, or frog, or something alive (or dead).
  2. I found it before she sat on the couch, floor, etc., and rolled around squishing it ALL over.
  3. I didn’t put it through the wash.  (oy vey!)
  4. She didn’t protest (much) when I took them away.
  5. God has given me a sense of humor enough to see this as funny and to take joy in the little mishaps of life.

Thank you, God, for the fun that I can have with my kids!!



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