To begin, I must apologize.  I woke up yesterday (Friday) fully intending to post a “PhotoOp.”  I took the picture at 7:07 and ran up to the computer at 7:30 to upload and post.  The computer wouldn’t recognize the camera.  grr….  I tweaked this and tweaked that and tweaked this again and fiddled with the other thing a time or two.  Then I gave up.   After Ben got home (way after actually,  more like: when we were headed to bed), I asked him if he knew why the computer wasn’t recognizing the camera.  “Yeah, the USB hub thingy is on the fritz.  Just use the port on the actual computer.”  So, I jumped on this morning and voila! We’re in business.  “Thank you, Ben!”  Now, back to my photoOp.


The newest teacher at Cornerstone Christian Academy.  He’s teaching science, geography, apologetics, and P.E.  Here he is, coffee cup in hand with breakfast sandwich to boot.  And to answer the question on his face: “Oh, yes, I did just take a picture to post on my blog.”  This is…..

Mr. Marx



2 thoughts on “Introducing….

  1. LOVE IT!!! You handsome dude!!!!!! Terra better keep the strings pulled tight on you!!! LOL JK May God Bless you efforts and your year….for ALL of you!!!


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