1:36 pm


6 thoughts on “1:36 pm

  1. Oh Terra he is so cute… Climbing in his tree like a little monkey. How cute… I hear he is happy to be home again…. You can tell it in this picture… Thats why I called it his tree. Deb told me how excited he was about moving back home. I am happy for him and all of you. Keep the pictures coming now that you found your camera girl okay? Thanks love you all… Sure looks like a happy family to me.. Thats what it is all about… love you.

  2. I’m not sure if anyone noticed the inverted garbage can (aka: tree climbing helper) in the background. He had this crazy contraption set up so that he could climb up a bucket, onto the mower, then “jump” across the stick bridge to the garbage can, and climb up into the tree. (The “stick bridge” was literally a 2 ft long stick. He couldn’t put all his weight on at one time or it would break.)


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