I KNOW, it’s Friday, and you must be hoping for a picture, but…I found the camera (YAY!), however, I cannot find the cord that connects the camera to the computer for photo transfers (bummer).  Therefore, today will be a non-photOp Friday.

 The weather this week has been wonderful for moving in. We have no a/c, and the kids have been running in and out like crazy. They are absolutely LOVING living on an acre on a dead-end. They are also loving rummaging through the garden. If I didn’t know better, I would think that the raccoons are getting REALLY good at stripping the sweet corn and cherry tomatoes. 

There have been TONS of flies in the house from having the doors open to move things in (and because of Buddy, Puddi, and Belle running in & out).  Puddi has taken to calling the flies her “best friend.”  She even started crying real tears when Ben was swatting them. 

The girls and I went to town to do a Wal-Mart run.  There was an Amish man and his 2 little boys with him.  Puddi stood up in the cart and yelled at the top of her 2-year-old lungs:  “LOOK, Mommy!!  A cowboy!!”  I tried to get her to sit down and quiet down, but pleas of “Mommy, please I wanna go see the cowboys,” continued for at least 5 minutes.  The funny thing is, the little Amish boys started looking around because they wanted to see the cowboy that the little Englisher girl had just seen.

AND speaking of cowboys….  today is the kickoff of the Wild West Days.  So we are driving to town to watch the parade tonight.  tomorrow is the hog wrassle and rodeo.  In 4 weeks is the FAIR. the week after that is the Horse and Colt Show (a fair in and of itself).  Oh, how I do love being back.


One thought on “Settling

  1. Yeehaw. Soundl like you will be having alot of fun over the next few weeks. Better hurry up and finish the unpacking. 🙂


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