Back to Basics

Four years ago we bought a house with an acre of land and settled in a small Wisconsin town.  It was the first time in my life I had ever put down roots.  Growing up, we had moved around A LOT.  I just got used to never “planting” myself.  After two years of sinking our roots into the soil, we were uprooted.  God called Ben into the ministry years ago and now he felt that we needed to go back to school for him to finish up his ministerial degree.  We moved to Faith‘s campus in Ankeny, IA with our first 2 children, while I was expecting #3.  During our time at school, we lived in a 2 bedroom apartment.  Number 3 was born and #4 caught us by surprise!  It’s been two years since coming to Iowa. It is wonderful to be able to witness the extraordinary situations that God has orchestrated in our lives.  Because of several AMAZING developments, we are finally looking forward to moving back home.

The rest of Ben’s bachelor’s (1 more year) and all of his M.Div. is now available online through BBS.  Our dreams of living the simple life–having a garden, a few chickens, perhaps some rabbits, maybe a goat–is beginning to take shape again.  Yes, life will be hectic with him taking Seminary courses, but there is something peaceful about having a place to call home.  I’m not just talking about a temporary dwelling place, but a real home.  I’m so excited to be getting back to basics.


2 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. Hooray for you guys! Yay! I’m definitely trying to figure out how to MAKE my roots sink in – it’s hard when you’ve moved a BILLION times! I’m so glad you get to go sink those roots BACK in!

  2. Honestly, Ann, I know the feeling of having moved SOOO much. ( I think this was #37) I have always had a hard time with planting because all my moves were “temporary.” When we moved here the first time, I thought it was going to be for good. So, I opened up and got close to people and started to make it BE home. That’s why going to Ankeny was so very hard for me. Knowing I would be there only temporarily, I didn’t want to leave our apartment for fear that I might (accidentally) make a friend that I would have to leave behind again. Fortunately, Ben FORCED me out. He was the only reason I ever even went to the first LAFF meeting. I did make friends! Fortunately also, we have this blessing in disguise of the internet, and facebook, and telephones, and….pretty much technology in general. Now, I can still have the friends that I had in my temporary seasons of life and the friends themselves no longer have to be temporary.


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